Meet Jelena

Jelena Ley Petkovic, PAC, MMS
Your Integrative Anti-Aging Practitioner

The blood running through me is a hundred percent Slavic. It is from my Serbian blood from which I derive my passion, determination, values and playfulness. Growing up and finishing my career in the US I learned ambition, confidence and work ethic. Lastly, the remainder of my adult life in Miami and Spain, I nurtured my senses of taste, beauty and in general, life… I picked up a bit of spice.It is from my life experiences, studying medicine and working with the most demanding physicians and patients that I have become the perfectionist I am today. I am on a journey to develop a formula for perfect health, preventing premature aging and chronic disease.

Additionally, I advocate for whole person wellness, disease prevention through lifestyle modification and awareness about health promoting practices from both eastern and western medical philosophies. I hope to serve as a spokesperson and leader in integrative medicine, mind-body medicine, environmental health, and safe cosmetics.I spend most of my life now running around between the U.S., Europe and wherever my heart is called, furthering my education on holistic health and wellness techniques, preservation of natural beauty, and disease prevention. I then use this knowledge to educate patients, clients and other health care professionals how to improve health outcomes using integrative health strategies from around the globe.

As a Integrative Antiaging Practitioner, Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner, Meditation Facilitator, Functional Medicine Expert, and Duke-trained Integrative Health Coach, I now would like to share my knowledge of all I am learning and give you insight on the best anti-ageing methods, products, treatments and those professionals worldwide, responsible for helping you stay looking your healthiest and best.

As a working mom of 3, wife, ashtanga & Kundalini yogi, avid runner, healthcare provider, and doctorate student I know how hard it is to keep up health in a modern world. Its not easy to stay true to who you are, maintain authenticity, love yourself, and self-care when you are busy taking care of others and keeping up with the rhythm of todays society. It is VERY hard to decipher what you need, what is healthy and then to strategize how to squeeze it all into your daily life. I hope the education and support I provide can help guide, motivate, inspire and empower you to be your own BEST resource for everlasting wellness.

My wish is to help others “wake up the beautiful” in their lives… we all have the potential to see beauty everyday, it just takes a healthy perspective and daily healthy habits to keep this beauty alive. For more personal guidance, please seek me out for a intensive coaching session or come and see me at one of the clinics I provide my “Clean and Beautiful Reset” in Miami or Coral Gables HERE. I look forward to our journey! Namaste, Cheers and Much Love! And PLEASE keep a look out for my new book, Return to Beautiful; Journey into healing, flourishing health and bliss…. it will reveal to you my heart, my personal journey and the most comphrensive strategy and collection of healing and life invigorating tools.Finally, If you haven’t already… sign up to get my updates and receive my ebook “3 Rx Strategies for a more beautiful life” FREE!!